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                        From the onset, a meeting will be held to understand your business, discuss                           your goals, the strengths and challenges you have faced and how “WE” can                           work together to move your business forward.


If you are now starting out in your business and looking for guidance and direction then Gaspard Tovar Consulting is here to help.  Providing assistance with the legwork, following up to ensure you are on the right path and making sure you did not miss something is what we are here for.

By utilizing the accounting services of Gaspard Tovar Consulting, clients will be given the ability to evaluate the financial health of their business and also continue to strive towards achieving their business goals.  By examining the financial activity, business owners can also look at the different components that have an impact on their business.  



"Taking the time to get to know your business is what Gaspard Tovar Consulting is all about."

Services Include

(But Not Limited To):

  • Business Start Up/Research

  • Budgeting

  • Financial Statements

  • Gross Margin Analysis

  • Consulting

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