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Non- Profit Services

"Gaspard Tovar Consulting is here to help insure that your non-profit organization stays in compliance with IRS regulations."


                                 One of the main things that non-profit organizations must remember to                                            complete is the IRS Form 990.  The IRS has very stringent rules and                                                    regulations when it comes to non-profit organizations. Gaspard Tovar                                               Consulting will ensure that you stay on track to maintain your non-profit tax                                   exempt status. Annual requirements state that “most” tax- exempt                                                      organizations must submit Form 990, along with related statements. 


As briefly noted, each of the listed supplemental schedules has their own requirements and classifications that are used to determine if your organization will retain its tax-exempt status.


Gaspard Tovar Consulting is here to help ensure that your organization is on track to meeting its mission statement but also that is meeting the requirements of the IRS.

Annual Requirements

  • Income Statement (specific revenue and expense categories)

  • Balance Sheet (specific categories as well)

  • Functional Expense Statement (expenses allocated by program, fundraiser or operational function)

  • Individual Program Expense Statement ( reporting of all expenses for each program or service)

  • Revenue Support Schedule (detail source of income in specific categories)

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