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No Empty Wallet Necessary

After a game that had viewers screaming at the TV screen, either in excitement or frustration, the Denver Broncos came out on top for a 24-10 Super Bowl win. Most of us are coming down from our Super Bowl frenzy, unless of course you’re a Broncos fan in which case you’re probably still celebrating. The next couple days will consist of cleaning up after our Super Bowl parties, paying off (or collecting!) any bets we placed, and doing some last minute preparations for the holiday of love.

In previous years, we’ve had almost two weeks after the Super Bowl to prepare our wallets for the overpriced chocolates and heart-shaped paraphernalia that are bound to accompany Valentine’s Day. This year, however, we have less than a week to plan a special day for our significant others. You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to impress your valentine.

Below are some tips to help fill your hearts without emptying your wallets.

1. Valentine’s Day cards can get pretty expensive (especially if you’re buying more than one). Spending four or five dollars at your local gas station for a last minute card is certainly an option, but there are more cost effective ways to express your feelings.

- Buy a blank card and write something from the heart.

- Stop by Dollar Tree and pick up an equally sentimental yet significantly less expensive card.

2. Both the crowds and the menu prices increase exponentially on Valentine’s Day. For those of you who don’t mind sitting elbow’s length away from strangers in restaurants that charge unspeakable amounts of money for a dinner that can be best described as a glorified snack, feel free to skip this part.

- Consider going out for a Valentine’s Day lunch instead of dinner. Lunch menu prices tend to be lower and who doesn’t love the added benefit of personal space during a nice meal?

- Cook a meal together. Making dinner is not only more cost effective, but cooking together can also serve as a Valentine’s Day activity.

3. Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without the stress-induced panic of not knowing what gift to get your valentine. Do you go with an expensive gift? Should you make a handmade card? Thankfully there are alternatives to traditional Valentine’s Day presents that are still bound to make your date smile.

- Put together a homemade gift basket full of your date’s favorite things. Whether it's a special treat, their favorite movies or a book they've had their eye on.

- Visit a local museum or art gallery and then plan to have a trip to your local coffeehouse or Starbucks to talk about the latest art exhibit or just people watch.

No matter what you choose to do just remember that the day is not necessarily about how much you spent but the thought behind it and time together.

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