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Powerball is $1.5 Billion!!!

Bet you already knew that and are anxiously waiting for the drawing at 11:02......In the meantime check out the top 6 things to think about now that we are almost two weeks into the New Year.

If you have not received your credit card statement from the spending you did last month then let's resolve to not create new financial woes.

1. Remember if you keep doing the same things, you'll keep getting the same results.

2. If your only financial goal is to win the Power Ball, please have a seat in the corner... and stay until you come up with something better.

3. Don't treat your budget like it's merely a suggestion. Set it and stick to it as best you can.

4. When you find that $20 in the coat you haven't worn in a year, put it in your savings instead of eating out for lunch.

5. After you pay off a couple of creditors, it defeats the purpose to open a new account with another creditor. That extra 20% off for opening the account is tempting, I know, but resist. You can do it!

6. Instead of getting mad at the couponer in front of you taking forever in the checkout line, you might wanna ask them for some pointers.

So in the event you do not have those magic numbers please keep this list in mind.......BUT in the event that you do have the magic numbers please keep GASPARD TOVAR CONSULTING in mind.

If you want more tips, with a bit of humor, on these and much more be sure to check back or look for the ability to join our email listing *coming soon*


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